Women's History

The term "assertive" has historically been used to intimidate strong women into dimming their lights. We NEED women who are willing to show up and be assertive unapologetically in order for real change to happen. Thank you to all who have gone before us to pave the way for women's rights and equality. We will carry the stick to the finish line.

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A Veteran's Journey from Homeless to Hero

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-Sexual Trauma

-Military Transition




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  • Build an Online Brand
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  • Female in Leadership
  • Life Coach w/emphasis on overcoming hardships
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Janae Sergio

Janae Sergio is a mom, wife, philanthropist, fashion entrepreneur, social media motivator and the Chief of Air Force Lodging.

By embracing the victor mindset Janae became the hero she always needed. Through her story, Janae has been committed to giving back to the very community she rose from. She has created multiple programs geared at mentoring at-risk youth towards creating a better future for themselves. She also uses her social media influence to provide necessities to the homeless in her community. Janae has been married for 15 years and currently lives in San Antonio with her husband and two beautiful daughter