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Sting Ring StunGun

Sting Ring StunGun

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Sting Ring Stun Gun for runners - easy to carry.

Product size: 10*8.4*3cm
Product weight: 68g
Packing size: 12*9*5cm
Packing weight: 88g
Box size: 51*44.5*40, 200pcs, 19kg
Material: ABS plastic
Lithium batteries are shipped including batteries and English instructions.

The three-finger data is as follows:
 Charging method: Micro Us

Product size: 9.2*8.5*2.5cm
Product weight: 75g
Packing size: 10.4*9.5*3.5cm
Packing weight: 103g
Box size 50*22.5*35.5cm 17kg 200 boxes/carton
Material: ABS material



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